Are you:

✓ aware that positive impact is one of the fastest-growing trends in technology, business, science, innovation, public services and non-profit sectors?

✓ interested in product (or service) design for impact, but tired of 'empty talk', or 'fake' or even harmful solutions?

✓ hearing words such as ‘impact’ all the time, but still unsure how to put it all into practice?

✓ willing to learn the impact delivery skills that will boost your career, or put you on a new professional or entrepreneurial path?

✓ concerned about a global or local challenge but don’t feel at present that you are sufficiently leveraging your talent to bring concrete positive impact?

✓ ready to turn your skills, passion and talent into creating an honest product or service with real impact, even if you have never done this before?

✓ tired of 'only talking', but instead of becoming a fighting activist, would prefer to use your talent and dedication to create something useful, new or beautiful to make this world better in your own way?

✓ feeling like 'there's got to be more', but don't know how to turn your vague ideas or intuition into a concrete solution?

✓ stuck in a situation where you feel as though you are wasting your precious time, instead of working on something exciting and building your positive legacy?

✓ an introvert, or modest extrovert, who genuinely wants to learn firm methods, skills, tools and techniques of the concrete product (or service) for good development, rather than sales tricks and social media strategies?

✓ dreaming of launching your own product or service to serve others or the planet, but don't know how to turn your wish into something concrete?

✓ considering a change into an impact career, or graduating and hoping to start an impact career, and willing to learn about impact visioning, design​, delivery and measurement?

Or maybe....

- you have already learned design or development but would like to complete this knowledge with impact design or delivery skills?

- you are already in charge of a product or service​ but would like to increase their impact?

- you are a techie but would like to learn to combine your technological competencies with social, human and impact-driven approaches?

- on the contrary, you are an artistic type, a notorious creator who needs some structure for your creative soul to be able to take concrete steps to bring your creative visions to reality?

If any of the above sounds like you...

... then Generation Limitless might be exactly the course for you.

Generation Limitless is all about combining reason with heart

... to create impactful, intelligent, empathetic, smart, and beautiful solutions for a better future.

Everything you'll ever need

to come up with, design, and develop your impactful product or service (or learn these skills to boost or change your career!)

  • We have reviewed more than 300 online courses (including a detailed analysis of 37 of them as part of a large research project we led) and can confidently say that, to the best of our knowledge, Generation Limitless is the most comprehensive course on impact innovation you will find anywhere online, including:

  • state of the art methodology - a science-based and real-life-tested approach combining the latest developments in Design Thinking, Agile, Impact, Tech4Good and Social Innovation

  • beautiful learning modules - designed to take you by the hand as we go through this journey with you, one step at a time

  • tools and templates - beautiful printable templates ready for you to work in, enabling you to focus on your mission

  • inspiring ideas - successfully tested by those who have done it before you, to spark your imagination and make your thinking truly limitless

  • resources - links to anything you might need in your process – with pre-selection done, you can keep your focus and energy 100% on your mission

  • good karma - only genuine advice, showing you the honest and ethical approaches to building a successful product or service based on empathy and intuition as much as on data science

  • a professional completion certificate - to boost your self-confidence (and resume!)

It's not for everyone.


This course is NOT for you if:
- you are looking for 'a quick buck'
- you want to jump on the 'impact train' but don't really care about impact (sorry, then you are really in the wrong place)
- you need a 1:1 handholding and guidance all of the time
- you want to learn about online marketing or sales (we don't touch these topics at all).

If, on the other hand:
• you care about a specific social or environmental challenge (or the future of humanity and the planet in general)
• you believe that good, honest, authentic products and services that serve and not harm their users and the rest of us are the future
• you would prefer to take a bit longer to find and develop your 'thing' but then be really proud of it, rather than rush into something you would not stand behind fully • you are not planning on launching a specific product or service (just yet), but want to gain the impact skills to boost your career and self-development,

... then this is the place for you.

Generation Limitless is the first and only online course of Product Development 4 Impact

  • • It takes you on a guided journey, from defining the challenge you want to address, understanding who the product or service is for and how it will serve them, designing a solution in an empathetic way, learning how to include impact thinking at every step of the process, to prototyping and developing a truly meaningful, desired, useful, and beautiful product or service ready to be launched.

    No previous experience required. You will be provided with all the tools, templates and support you will ever need.

What you will get:

  • State-of-the-art methodology

    A proven system and process that will take you from zero expertise to being able to develop truly remarkable products and service with positive impact. No guesswork, just years of research and experience packed into a well-structured process.

  • 15 beautiful lessons in 5 modules

    The knowledge​ and skills you need and nothing more. No fluff, no wasting your time. Only concrete, specific information packed in a beautifully designed format to make your learning sessions something you will really embrace!

  • 30+ tools and templates

    Ready-made tools, worksheets, templates, and cheat sheets so that you know exactly what to do and how, step-by-step. Every tool is accompanied by detailed instructions, while the complex ones have examples to guide you through.

  • 10s of real-life inspirational examples

    No need to reinvent the wheel. Somebody has been where you want to be and done what you want to do. Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of projects around the world and bring you some of the best examples of what works, so that you can learn faster and aim higher.

  • Limitless resources

    We've done the boring work for you so that you won't need to. We have gone through hundreds of different resources (think external providers, technologies, suppliers, freelancers, etc.) and curated the selective lists of where to look if you need to get stuff done well and fast.

  • Good karma

    Only positive vibes, good energy, and authenticity. This course teaches how to create genuine, honest products and services, even if it means more homework. Zero compromises on quality, sustainability, or positive impact. Create only what you will be truly proud of!

  • Access to our community

    Invitation to join our LinkedIn group to connect with our team and fellow impact-makers. Whatever your path, a strong network can really help you succeed. Feel free to connect with our experts and team and with any members of the group who you might find relevant.

  • The full package

    The only investment you need. It took us 15 years to acquire the expertise we share on this course and months of work to create the program. We have left nothing out. That means no upselling of expensive 1:1 consulting or coaching, no exclusive masterminds to get the real knowledge after the course, no membership fees to keep access. It's all here and it’s our personal mission to empower you to create a positive impact afterward!

  • A limitless approach

    The program is relevant for any geography, sector, industry, or type of product or service... as long as you aim for a positive impact. We designed the program with a truly limitless perspective. It will work for anything from a Blockchain4good solution in the US, a sustainable agriculture idea in India, an ethical healthcare tech product in the UK, to an idea for a diversity toy for Spain. There is just one condition: a desire to generate positive (social or environmental) impact.

Don't miss the exclusive bonus!

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  • Exclusive private 1:1 mentoring

    Yes, you read it correctly. Schedule a 45-minute exclusive call (or Skype, or WhatsApp) for a private mentoring session in which you will have our undivided attention to tackle your very specific questions, receive advice or get feedback on your work.

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Why Generation Limitless is the best program you will find

... and why you should trust Limitless with your time and money?

  • We are experienced in online learning: We have been around for years and we have developed a global platform that is attracting thousands of learners per month.

  • We have received funding from the most prestigious programs: We have been entrusted with funding from the European Commission as the lead on three projects, including two international projects in social innovation training.

  • We are experts in impact: Our experts have been trained on impact approaches at both Harvard and Oxford, and have published in Stanford Social Innovation Review and countless other publications. We are also impact practitioners developing impact strategies for both small and multi-million projects (see our bios below).

  • We know what works: In the role of independent expert for governments and the European Commission itself, as well as mentors and advisors to prestigious initiatives from the World Economic Forum and Founder Institute, we have a track record of reviewing and guiding 100+ projects and proposals. For countless clients, we have carried out 500+ user interviews for products and services in domains ranging from chemicals, to manufacturing, to public service, to sustainability tech.

  • We are independent: We are a small team of real people, privately financed and not supported by any large corporation. Therefore, we will not try to sell you on any kind of software or tool. We don't have a hidden agenda. We want you to be Limitless and we want to teach as many people as we can to deliver the biggest positive impact they are capable of.

  • We have done our homework: To create this course, we have reviewed hundreds of scientific publications, practitioner cases, latest trends, and thought leadership pieces from experts around the world. We have also asked our global community of experts for feedback. In other words, choosing Generation Limitless you rely not only on our own creation, but also on a co-created essence of the global state-of-the-art on the subject.

A sneak peek into our content:

Limitless Modules = 100% captivating content so that you can't wait for the next lesson

Limitless Tools = downloadable & printable templates and worksheets to guide you step-by-step

Limitless Inspirations = tons of real-life cases to demonstrate what we teach in practice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by impact?

    We define impact as both the short- and long-term effect the product or service has not only on its users but also on other stakeholders and the environment. Products and services that deliver positive impact are typically those that help solve some of the most pressing local or global challenges (think climate change, health issues, social cohesion problems, poverty, pollution challenges, and so many more...), while at the same time minimizing any potential negative effects.

  • Is Generation Limitless for Millennials, or Generations X or Z?

    For all of those and more. That's why we called it Generation Limitless! The only requirements are that you know your way around a computer, have the intention to create a positive impact, and are willing to learn.

  • Is the course only for tech developers or tech products and services?

    No, it is suitable for both high-tech and low-tech products and services, from Artificial Intelligence to organic cotton baby clothes, from apps to hand-made items. This is possible because we focus on the how and not the what of the process.

  • Do you need to have any product experience for this program?

    No. The program has been designed in a way that makes it suitable for both beginners and relatively advanced learners. Because it focuses on the impact approaches, it will make sense for both those who have never developed a product or service before and those who have done it before but would like to widen their design and development expertise by the impact approaches, it will make sense for both those who never developed a product or service and those who have done it but would like to widen their design and development expertise by the impact component.

  • Can you use this course for service development?

    Yes. Our main expert has a PhD in service innovation, so the course was created in such a way that most of the content is applicable to both products and services.

  • How is this different from Design Thinking?

    The course includes the core philosophy and elements of design thinking, but it goes further than that, focusing on the impact of the design on a broader ecosystem. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates other proven approaches such as Agile Development, Lean, Impact Assessment, and Social Innovation.

  • What's different about Generation Limitless?

    Everything :)!! Really, we have yet to come across any program that takes impact delivery to the mainstream of product and service design and development. The course is not aimed solely at social entrepreneurs. Instead, it is designed in such a way that anyone willing to integrate impact thinking in their work will learn how to do so at virtually every step of the process, from coming up with an idea to finalizing the development.

  • Is the course only targeted at for-profit products and services?

    No. The program is great for entrepreneurs and business people but is absolutely not limited to them, simply because it does not teach how to do business (i.e., how to set up a company, market or sell your products). Instead, it teaches how to design and develop truly impactful solutions, be it in business, the public, social, or even academic domains. So both for-profit and not-for-profit products and services can be developed using this program.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, we have a 14-day refund policy. If it turns out Generation Limitless is not what you have been looking for, you can request a refund.

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